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February 2018 small and micro plastics on beaches

An unprecedented amount of small plastics have accumulated at the tide line on beaches all around Jersey after days of strong southerly winds and rising tides. Most curious though, apart from the shear volume, is the amount of plastic pellets as used in the manufacturing process appearing on the beach. Many more walkers carry bags and collect plastics now than ever before – it has become an accepted sight compared with it being unusual a few years ago.

As these plastics float it really is time we found a viable way of extracting them from the surface of the water. For more information, support or to help, follow local environmentalist Sheena Brockie’s The Good Jersey Life page on Facebook.


Plastic Free Jersey Campaign

#plasticfreejersey campaign- full documentary – 15mins

Proposal – V.1.0

My first attempt at proposals to improve the situation.

1. Better monitoring of beaches to identify rubbish hotspots and problem areas

2. Use community service as resource for manual beach cleaning

3. Provide clear, high visibility collection points for rubbish at beaches and beach access points – with recycling bins

4. Show Flotsam / Jetsam hotline numbers at beach access points

5. Ban glass from beaches

6. Cigarette pollution awareness campaign – don’t discard cigarette butts


Having a programme for the reduction in plastics washed up on our shores, and a genuine environmental programme to reduce plastics in our coastal marine environment and ecosystems would be very beneficial to jersey’s image as a tourist destination. Having well managed rubbish points with recycling at beaches would promote awareness and encourage better stewardship.

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